Doors Open @Schottenhamel tent

Location: Oktoberfest, Festzelt Schottenhamel
Date: Tue, September 29
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


At the entrance of the Schottenhamel tent you need to show your Bits & Pretzels bracelet. For a smooth running of the Table Captain Seating please arrive early. You are free to stay in the Schottenhamel tent after the End of our event, but some tables may be reserved for other guests after 03.30 p.m..

Don’t forget to bring the beer and food vouchers you received with your bracelet and badge at the check-in. With these vouchers you can pay two beers and one meal. Please keep in mind that the service fee of 0,50€ is not included and needs to be payed additionally. On top of that you’re allowed to pay tips. Why? Because a waitress who can carry up to 16 full beer mugs totally deserves a tip!

No Smoking!
Bavaria now has a strict non-smoking law for bars and restaurants, with no exceptions for Oktoberfest! However, most tents offer special closed-off smoking areas. The catch: No food or drink can be served there – and there are no tables or chairs!

To and from the Oktoberfest in comfort!
Take a cab! Putting in a call to the taxi company during peak hours is likely to prove futile, as all taxis are in deployment. However, for those who nonetheless want to try their luck: The largest Munich taxi company can be reached at 0049 89 21610. Further numbers can be found online.